Smart contracts are scripts stored on a blockchain that enable users to define custom rules and protocols for various purposes. Some typical examples include escrow accounts, insurance-like contracts, decentralized applications — frequently called dApps, multi-signatures (multi-sig) contracts, security tokens, and virtual or physical tokenized assets.

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Blog Posts and other Materials

Online Documentation and Reference Manual

Documentation, including our reference manual, is accessible through the Help section.

Some Materials by the SmartPy Team

Introducting SmartPy and SmartPy.io, an Intiutive and Effective Language and Development Platform for Tezos Smart Contracts. Go to Medium Post
SmartPy.io Mar 5 . 14 min read

A First Encounter with SmartPy. Go to Medium Post
SmartPy.io Jun 27 . 9 min read

Basic Computations in SmartPy, Python and Michelson. Go to Medium Post
SmartPy.io Jul 25 . 4 min read

Introducing smartpy-cli, a simple CLI to build Tezos smart contract in Python. Go to Medium Post
SmartPy.io Sep 13 · 3 min read

Some Materials by Other Teams

A series about smart contract development in SmartPy by Cryptonomic.
Smart Contract Development Syllabus. Go to Medium Post
Part 1: Smart Contract Crash Course — Starting Your First Smart Contract with SmartPy. Go to Medium Post
Part 2: Complex Constructions — Crafting Smart Contracts with Advanced Techniques. Go to Medium Post
Part 3: Testing Patterns and Analytics — Verifying Smart Contract Behavior and Security. Go to Medium Post
Part 4: Deployment with ConseilJS — Originating Smart Contracts on Tezos. Go to Medium Post
Part 5: Interacting with Smart Contracts — Using ConseilJS to invoke, ping and fund contracts. Go to Medium Post
Part 6: Reference Guide — A Compilation of SmartPy Functions and Features. Go to Medium Post

A series, How To Write Smart Contracts for Blockchain Using Python, by Luiz Milfont.
Part I, a general introduction. Go to Medium Post
Part II, a SmartPy tutorial. Go to Medium Post

Some tutorials by Blockmatics.
An Escrow Smart Contract in SmartPy. Go to Medium Post
SmartPy - An Introduction to the smart contract language for Tezos. Open Youtube Video

In The Tezos Community

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